As the child of an aging parent, it may feel like you
are in this all by yourself.

I want you to know that   "No, –  you are NOT alone!"

My children were adolescents when my parents began to have health problems.  My father eventually died of a stroke-like disease process that came upon him suddenly.  And at the same time, my mother began a 12 year descent into the abyss of Alzheimer’s that ended with her death ten years after my Dad.  As an “only child” it was a difficult and trying decade – and I felt VERY “alone” – and most of this time was spent “in crisis mode”.   

My questions were endless – and complicated.  “How could I care for my parents and my young children at the same time?”  “Do they have documents that give me legal authority to act for them?”  “Where can I get help?”  “What kind of help is available?”  “What if my mother begins to wander?”  “Can I care for my parents in their own home?”  “How do we make a decision between in-home care and facility care?”  “How is long term care paid for?”  

My parents had the two most frequent problems that confront the modern extended family – how to cope with a parent’s devastating physical health problem (stroke) and how to resolve the issues inherent with dementia – the slow, steady evaporation of a person’s reasoning, memory, judgment and personality.  

Having this experience eventually prompted me to make a career change — from social work to law.  I discovered ways to not only help my parents, but to help others as well.  My background was in geriatric health and mental health services anyway – the transition to Elder Law was a natural one for me.  I’ve now helped hundreds of families come to grips with the aging process and what they need to do to prepare for it.   

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